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Lighting Strands


Small Globe LED Lighting Strands AND Edison LED Lighting Strands

(BOTH available with white or black cords)


$27.00 per 50ft. small globe lighting strand

$27.00 per 48ft. Edison lighting strand

Dimmer Switch - $27.00ea

$15 per strand installation (free install when lighting is strung  on our wine barrel light posts or our free-standing black metal light posts)



lighting - wall.jpg
lighting - ceiling and wall.jpg
lighting - ceiling and wall 3.jpg
lighting 2.jpg
Lighting 1 Green Point.jpg
Lighting 2 Green Point.jpg
light posts in ballroom.jpg
Lighting Tent 2.jpg
Lighting 3 Green Point.jpg
Lighting 4 Green Point.jpg
lighting - white edison ceiling 2.jpg
lighting - white edison ceiling.jpg
lighting over dance floor.jpg
lighting ceiling with chandelier.jpg
lighting building to light post.jpg
lighting ceiling with chandelier 3.jpg
lighting on PVC poles.jpg
light post lighting.jpg
Lighting 6 Green Point.jpg
Wine Barrel Light Pathway.jpg
archway lighting.jpg
chuppa with lighting_edited.jpg
lighting - ceiling.jpg
lighting permanenet barn install.jpg
black metal light post 3.jpeg
Lighting a wall.jpg
black metal light post.jpeg
Lighting on wall.jpg
Lighting at Rusty Rail 2.jpg
Lighting at Rusty Rail 3.jpg
Lighting at Rusty Rail 4.jpg
Lighting at Rusty Rail.jpg
Lighting on archway.jpg
Lighting at Hershey Acres.jpg
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