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Tents and Tent Accessories

We have an established partnership with a tent partner in order to get you a discounted price on a tent, side walls, lighting and more.  They give us a commission on tent sales and we pass a portion of our commission as a discount to our clients.


Other extension inventory that we can get at a discounted price from our tent partner:  tents, lighting, heating, dinnerware, flatware, glassware and so much more!  If we do not offer it in-house, we can probably get it for you.



Why do we pass a portion of our commission to our clients as a discount and not just keep the entire amount as our commission?


ANSWER:  We care and want you to get the best deal!  We help make your event set-up go smoothly and our tent partner works around our delivery schedule to ensure our tables and chairs are not arriving before the tent.  Our business life is made so much easier when we handle your tent booking.




Chandeliers with draping in pole tent
40 x 100 White Pole Tent
40 x 80 whit pole tent
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