Wine Barrel Designs


Wine Barrel

(40 available)

$42.00 each (DR)


Wine Barrel Cocktail Table

(20 available)

$57.75 each

"L" Shaped Wine Barrel Bar

8ft. x 6ft.

(3 available)

$184.00 each

Whiskey Barrel Bar Stool

(only 4 available)

$15.75 per stool (DR)

Wine Barrel

Light Post / Cocktail Table

(lighting available under accessories tab)

$68.00 each

(wine barrel light post WITH 30" table top)

$63.00 each

(wine barrel light post WITHOUT 30" table top) 


Wine Barrel with stainless steel table top

(1 available)

$57.75 (DR)


8ft. Wine Barrel Bar

(5 available)

$132.00 each

10ft Wine Barrel Archway

(3 available)

with or without the Wagon Wheel Chandelier 


(white drapes extra)



 Just the wine barrel archway




60" round barrel table

(25 available)

$78.75 per table

Rent 5 or more, $63 per table

Wine Barrel Keg Bar

Includes 3 taps (modified to fit half kegs since this picture was taken) and ice bins

You supply the beer kegs, CO2 and ice

Rental Price:  $210.00

Wine barrel Light posts and archways - lighted walking path

Wine Barrel Lounge Set

wine barrel lounge set 5.jpg
wine barrel lounge set 6.jpg
wine barrel lounge set 3.jpg
wine barrel lounge set 4.jpg


Complete Set $350

(Complete set includes 2 couches, 2 swivel chairs, 2 end tables and a coffee table)

Mini Set $250

(mini set consists of either 2 couches with end tables and coffee table OR 1 couch, 2 swivel chairs, end tables and coffee table)

Cigar / Whiskey Lounge Decorating Décor Option Add $50

(includes area rug, throw blanket, antique gold cart,  cloth checker board, large chess pieces with greenery and cigar trays)


CONVERSATION STARTER:  This lounge set appeared on Ray Donovan TV set - Season 7